Web shops with seasonal products often have to face periods where their warehouse is overflowing or is empty. How to solve this With pay-per-use warehouse space.

This is the story of Xstock, the web shop for hammocks, swimming pools and shade cloths. It gets very busy in the run-up to the hot months. Pallets must then be ready and streams of orders flow in. During the rest of the year the need for warehouse space is…reduced.

How does Stockspots help businesses like Xstock?


Small to medium web shops are often specialists. In the niche the self-employed take on the giants. They bring focus, personality and expertise. While also knowing that customers often decide on the basis of price. So it’s about keeping costs down, spending each euro wisely.

Xstock is doing well. The sales figures increase by 20% annually. During the summer months the warehouse is in fact too small. Employees are continuously moving stuff. Products get lost and damaged. This pressure will only increase.

In the early days the boxes were stacked at home in the garage. The step to a warehouse with office on an industrial estate was an easy decision. But what now? Always increasing the storage space?

Building or renting is easier said than done. Such an investment takes time, involves risks and puts pressure on the margins. While the current building suffices eight months a year. Amply even.


Strongly fluctuating stocks. Xstock is not the only web shop seeking a solution.

Those looking at the bigger picture see that there is more than enough storage space in our country. The challenge is to level the wall between supply and demand. This is what Stockspots does.

Via Stockspots, entrepreneurs can look inside other warehouses. This enabled Xstock to find a suitable place for its stock in the run-up to the summer months. Pay-per-use: always enough storage space and no increasing costs due to empty shelves.

It goes back and forth, which is great. In the cold months the shelves of Xstock are used practically. We then stock goods from entrepreneurs who rely on the darker months. Ski goggles, home accessories and wool plaids.  

What Xstock subcontracts in the summer, is earned back in the winter. This is the most efficient solution.

“In the busy months we have enough space and employees thanks to Stockspots to supply our orders fast.”

Pieter van Gompel, Logistics Manager Xstock


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