The roads are getting fuller and fuller and the transport costs will increase by 10% in 2018. Consumers are demanding faster deliveries at the time and place where they want. This requires the repositioning of the goods. But where are you going to keep this stock? This requires spreading locations. Are you going to rent or build yourself anywhere yourself? Or do you temporarily and flexibly use the Stockspots network for storage capacity with the necessary hands for the delivery of your orders?


Producer Twello wants to organise its supply chain differently by supplying directly to the retailers instead of via wholesale. This saves 40% margin. To achieve this, they have to organise the logistics service to the retailers themselves.


Currently, the producer has stored his goods near Groningen. The desired lead time to retail cannot be realised from this central warehouse and they will have to invest in new warehouses for storage and cross-dock activities. In the search for suitable space, they realise that this can only be rented long term. The alternative is building themselves. These aren’t the options that are sought. Flexibility is required because they have to first find out what the best locations are strategically, and they often don’t require a lot of space because the stock is spread across 25 locations in the Netherlands. They in fact only want to pay for the storage actually used and this can fluctuate throughout the year.

There is another way

Producer Twello and an employee of Stockspots take stock of the desired service and required capacity. Via the Stockspots network suitable partners are sought that want to offer temporary storage and cross-dock function for storage and fulfilment of the orders. They only pay for the actual capacity and services used.


The network can be activated fast and scalable with regard to the future. If it turns out after six months that the geographical location isn’t very practical, the contract can easily be terminated without extra costs and a new location can be activated.

“With Stockspots we managed to upscale fast and sustainably to a national storage network.”

Mister Twello, Distribution Manager


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