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Stockspots developed a network of warehouses to connect companies requiring storage space to companies that can provide this space. The Stockspots platform connects shippers with warehouse offerers that meet the desired requirements and criteria. Subsequently, all parties use the platform to cooperate.

The following activities are automatically included in the platform; finding locations, requesting quotations, drawing up agreements, creating in and out-bound consignments, stock management and invoicing. All this has been made surveyable via a clear portal.

No, the said amount is the number of pallet places this location generally has available for new orders. We always check in advance whether the location could meet your wishes.

If you select a warehouse, you see the details of the selected warehouse and you click on request quotation. The Stockspots team will send the request via the platform to the warehouse location you chose. For any questions about your request, the Stockspots team will contact you. The warehouse partner completes the quotation with its rates and we send you a message when this is ready for you in the portal.

You can then accept this offer or ask the warehouse partner additional questions until you agree and both accept the offer. From then on you can draw up in- and out-bound consignments via the secured Stockspots portal for the warehouse location you chose and view your stock centrally.

Our warehouse partners are screened to ensure that their facilities meet our quality standards before our warehouse capacity is made available to you. Statistics and reviews are filed so we can check the performance of the warehouses.

LSC (Logistics Services Conditions) apply to all assignments between Stockspots and shipper or location owner, as deposited at the Rotterdam Court.

Stockspots platform has a warehouse management system that enables you to view and manage your stock in one or several warehouses. This system uses a unique reference number and barcode for each pallet and enables customers to request product shipments pallet by pallet.

Stockspots has a Service module available on the portal. Both shipper and warehouse partner can create a ticket here if there are any particularities of the consignment. The Stockspots team will start up the process to investigate any claims that may occur with regard to damage to goods. Correspondence on the issue is surveyable in the portal for all parties concerned.

The contract is between you and Stockspots, so you pay us. Our role is to unburden you. We regularly send a collective invoice for all warehouse capacity and services you made use of during this period. You therefore have one contact for all your questions about invoicing and offically  one contract party, easy isn’t it!

The transport of goods to and from the warehouse is usually organised by the owner of the goods. However, we gladly offer this service. You can indicate this in the quotation form and we will find you a suitable transporter.

Due to liability and safety of the warehouse, physical access to the warehouse is prohibited. Access to the stock audit is allowed but must be requested and planned in advance. Contact the Stockspots team to plan for this.

You can adapt your capacity whenever you like or remove your warehouse location if you don’t want to carry out any more orders. Current agreements cannot be cancelled prematurely.

You, the provider of space, are not bound by anything. The moment you sign an agreement, you do have to stick to the arrangements. These are made in consultation.

Yes, we have a number of criteria that test the quality of the warehouse location and services in advance in order to meet the expectations of the customer. When the assignment ends we also request a review of the customer of the warehouse capacity as well as the services of Stockspots. This score is made visible on the platform.

+31 (0)765 31 53 89