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How does it work?

Stockspots has built a network of warehouses to link companies that need storage to companies that are able to offer this space. The Stockspots platform connects shippers to warehouse providers that meet their desired requirements and criteria. Subsequently, all parties use the platform to work together.

The following activities are included in the platform by default: finding locations, requesting quotations, drawing up agreements, creating in and out bound shipments, inventory management and billing. All this can be accessed through an organized portal.


Is the said number of pallet spaces listed with the location the real-time availability?

No, said number is the number of pallet spaces that this company has available for new contracts in general. We always check in advance whether the location is able to meet your requirements.


What happens if I request a quotation?

When you select a warehouse, you will see the details of the selected warehouse and then you click request quotation. The Stockspots team will forward the application for the platform to the warehouse location you have chosen. For any questions about your application, the Stockspots team will contact you. The warehouse partner supplements the quotation with its rates and we will send you a message when it is ready for you in the portal.

Subsequently, you can accept this quotation or ask additional questions to the warehouse partner until you agree and both accept the quotation. From that moment on, you can create in and outbound shipments via the secured Stockspots portal for the warehouse location you chose and check your inventory, all in one place.


How can I be sure that my goods are safe in the warehouse?

Our warehouse partners are screened to make sure that their facilities meet our quality standards, before warehouse capacity is made available to you. Statistics and review are tracked so that we can check the performance of the warehouses.


What conditions are used?

To all contracts between Stockspots and shipper or location owner, the LSV (Logistic Services Conditions, or Logistieke Services Voorwaarden in Dutch) apply, as registered with the Rotterdam Court.


How is a claim handled when the warehouse has damaged pallets?

Stockpots has a Service module available on its portal. With this module, both shipper and warehouse partner can submit a ticket in case of any irregularities with regard to a shipment. The Stockspots team will initiate the process to investigate any claims relating to damage to goods. The correspondence about the issue can be viewed by all parties in the portal.


How do I control my inventory information?

Stockspots platform has a warehouse management system that allows you to view and manage your inventory in one or more warehouses. This system uses a unique reference number and bare code for very pallet and allows customers to request product shipments, pallet by pallet.


Do I pay Stockspots or the warehouse location?

The contract is between you and Stockspots, so you pay us. Our role is to unburden you. We will periodically send you a collective invoice for all warehouse capacity and services purchased in this period. This means that you have one contact for all your questions about the billing, and formally one contract party, to keep things simple!


Do I have access to my pallets in the warehouse?

Due to liability and safety of the warehouse, physical access to the warehouse is not permitted. Access for stock audit is permitted, but must be requested and scheduled in advance. Please contact the Stockspots team to schedule this.


Does Stockspots render services for the transportation to or from the warehouse location?

The transportation of goods to and from the warehouse is usually organized by the owner of the goods. But we are happy to offer this service. You can specify this in the quotation form and we will find you a suitable transporter.


Am I contractually bound, as a participant?

You, as a provider, are not bound to anything. Only when an agreement is signed, you will be required to adhere to it. These will be established in mutual agreement.


Can we retract our space from Stockpots at any time?

At any time, you can change your capacity or remove your warehouse location if you don’t want to get new contracts. Pending agreements cannot be terminated prematurely.


Will we, the warehouse space provider, be assessed?

Yes, we have a number of criteria based on which the quality of the warehouse location and services are tested in advance to meet the expectation of the customer. After the contract is completed, we will ask the customer to review both the warehouse capacity and the services of Stockspots. This score will be published on the platform.


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