Flexible, efficient and sustainable is the idea behind Stockspots.

Find a location for your overflow easily and quickly without long-term, complicated contracts or make temporary empty metres profitable in your warehouses. The Stockspots platform unites supply and demand, thus making warehousing more sustainable.

Remaining capacity

With on-demand warehousing you can also make your temporary remaining capacity profitable. You easily and quickly offer the space and fulfilment services on and we will arrange the rest. A surveyable management system gives you insight into and grip on your warehouse and orders. Getting more return from your warehouse flexibly is possible with the on-demand warehouse solution of Stockspots.

Need capacity?

Find a good and quick solution for your overflow without complicated, long-term contracts. Near your own warehouse or at a strategic location? Stockspots is a marketplace that doesn’t just make warehouse space available, but also the fulfilment service. Via modern technology you keep insight into and control of your goods and shipments via a cloud-based platform. With the largest offer of warehouse capacity in the Netherlands and beyond, we always find a solution.

Sustainable strategy with on-demand warehousing

The sharing economy has been on the rise for years: not only does this save you from making major investments, it’s also more sustainable. Stockspots not only helps to get maximum efficiency from a warehouse, the flexibility to choose a location that is strategically close(r) to your customers contributes to a sustainable sector. This is also why Topsector Logistiek supports Stockspots’s initiative.


Do you see opportunities for your overflow volume or warehouse locations? Or would you like to get involved in the development of on-demand warehousing in the Netherlands? We will be happy to get in touch with you!

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