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About Stockspots

Stockspots: leading in on-demand warehousing

Flexible, fast and sustainable: that’s what Stockspots is all about. Find a location for your overflow simple and fast, without complicated longterm contracts or transform empty warehouse capacity into profitable space. The Stockspots platform brings together supply and demand, making the world more sustainable at the same time. Watch our movie to see how it works.

Residual capacity

On-demand warehousing allows you to make temporary residual capacity in your warehouse profitable. In a fast and easy manner, you can offer the space and fulfillment services at Stockspots.eu and we’ll take care of the rest. An organized management system provides insight into and control of your warehouse and orders. Getting more return from your warehouse in a flexible manner is possible with the on-demand warehouse solution of Stockspots.

Capacity needed

A fast and good solution for your overflow without complicated, long-term contracts? In the vicinity of your own warehouse or on a strategic location? Stockspots is a marketplace that offers warehouse space, but also fulfillment services. By means of modern technologies, you’ll get insight and control over your goods and shipments via a cloud-based platform. With the widest range of warehouse capacity in the Netherlands and beyond, we will always find a solution.

Sustainable strategy with on-demand warehousing

The sharing economy has been on the rise for yours: not only does it help you save massive investments, but in addition, it is much more sustainable. Stockspots doesn’t just help maximize the efficiency of a warehouse, the flexibility to choose a location that is strategically close(r) to your customers, contributes to a sustainable sector as well. That is the reason that Topsector Logistiek supports the initiative of Stockspots.


Do you see opportunities for your overflow volume or warehouse locations? Or would you like to be involved in the development of on-demand warehousing in the Netherlands? If so, we would love to get in touch with you!


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